Paradox alarm panels provide a maximum of 700mA on the AUX output of the alarm panel. If the usage is more than 700mA on the AUX output of the panel, it will shutdown automatically. Below is a list of mA used by devices that can be connected to the AUX output of the panel. If your total consumption is more than 700mA, you will need to add a battery backup 12VDC power supply for the additional devices.


  • ZX8 Expanders – 30mA (Each)
  • PGM4 Expanders – 150mA (Each)
  • LED and LCD Keypads – 110mA (Each)
  • RTX3 Wireless Expanders – 35mA (Each)
  • Wired Motion Detectors – 30mA (Each)
  • Bus Motion Detectors - 30mA (Each)
  • Hub and Bus Isolator Modules - 50mA (Each)
  • Internet Module - 110mA  
  • Plug-In Voice Module - 35mA