When you are experiencing connection issues with your IP150 module, it can be due to a number of factors. Check for the following: 


1. Do you have a good internet connection. Both on your IP150 module and device that you are using to access the module from.

2. Check that all cables are plugged in on your IP150 module.   There  should be a CAT5 ethernet cable plugged into the RJ45 connector on the B side and the serial connection (black cable) plugged into the A side and also serial plug of the alarm panel.   MG5050 Serial Connector Location   SP6000 Serial Connector Location   EVO192 Serial Connector Location  


The easiest way to reset your IP150 module, is to unplug it from the alarm panel. The module is connected to the serial port on you alarm panel. Unplug the white serial connector for 60 seconds and then plug it back in. Allow another 60 seconds for the alarm to recognize the module again. 


It is also advisable to do a module scan after you have completed the above. 


For MG5050 and SP6000. From your keypad 


1. Enter programming mode

2. Enter 955 


For EVO192. From your keypad 


1. Enter programming mode

2. Enter 4006 


Please note that this procedure is not to reset the IP150 module to default values.   To reset the IP150 module to default values do the following:  
1. Insert a pin/straightened paper clip (or similar) into the pin hole located between the two I/O LEDs.  
2. Press down gently until you feel some resistance;  
3. Hold it down for approximately 5 seconds, release it when the I/O and RX/TX LEDs start flashing, and then press it again. The I/O and RX/TX LEDs will remain lit during the reset.