This instruction is to learn in a wireless detector onto a zone. The zone must still be programmed in Zone Programming.
 MG5050 - Zones 1 to 5 are on the main panel. SP6000 - Zones 1 to 8 are on the main panel.  
 1. Press the ENTER Key
 2. Enter your INSTALLER CODE (Default: 0000 or 00000)
 3. Enter the desired Zone SECTION NUMBER (061=Zone 1 to 092=Zone 32)
 4. Enter the SERIAL NUMBER or press the Tamper Switch on the detector.
a Wireless zone will always override a hardwired zone. Always start programming wireless zones from zone 6 (on MG5050) or zone 9 (on SP6000). If a wireless zone is programmed on a hardwired zone location, the hardwired zone location on the panel will not be functional. To remove a wireless zone, replace the programmed serial number with 000000.
TIP: While in a section, you can press CLEAR and you will move back one step in the programming. By pressing CLEAR multiple times, you will exit the programming.  
 Zone Programming
 1. Press the ENTER Key
 2. Enter your INSTALLER CODE (Default: 0000 or 00000)
 3. Enter the desired Zone SECTION NUMBER (001=Zone 1 to 032=Zone 32)
 4. Enter the ZONE DEFINITION (See Zone Definitions below)   
 5. Enter the PARTITION ASSIGNMENT ( 1=Partition 1 or 2=Partition 2 or 3=Both Partitions)  
 6. Enter 1-8 for ZONE OPTIONS (By pressing on any digit from 1-8 will enable or disable  that option) (See Zone Options below)  
 7. Press ENTER (a Confirmation beep will indicate that the zone data has been saved. The programming will automatically move to the next zone. Now start at step 4)
 01=Entry Delay 1
 02=Entry Delay 2
 03=Entry Delay 1 (Full Arm)
 04=Entry Delay 2 (Full Arm)
 06=Follow* (Sleep / Full Arm)
 07=Follow* (Full Arm)
 09=Instant* (Sleep / Full Arm)
 10=Instant* (Full Arm)
 11=Instant Fire
 12=Delayed Fire
 13=Instant Fire Silent
 14=Delayed Fire Silent
 22=24Hr. Panic
 25=Keyswitch Maintain
 26=Keyswitch Momentary
 Note: Certain definitions have arming modes in (Brackets) after the definition. This means that the zone will ONLY BE ARMED when the system is armed in that mode. When there is No (Bracket) next to the zone definition, the zone will be armed during all three arming modes (STAY, SLEEP, FULL ARM)
 *=FLEXI-DELAY during SLEEP / STAY arming. Default: Section 720 = 15 seconds.
 1=Auto-zone Shutdown
 2=Bypassable Zone
 3=RF Supervision
 4       and       5
 OFF             OFF       = Audible Alarm
 OFF             ON         = Pulsed Alarm
 ON               OFF       = Silent Alarm
 ON               ON         = Report Only
 7=Delay Alarm Transmission
 8=Force Zone