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  • Hikvision Turbo HD

    The Hikvision Turbo HD product family is based on HDTVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) technology and is ideally suited to upgrading existing standard definition systems at low cost. It retains the ease-of-use of an analog system while offering up to 1080P HD video output.

    All Hikvision Turbo HD products adhere to the HDTVI open standard, which guarantees trouble-free connection to other HDTVI-compliant cameras and DVRs. The Hikvision Turbo HD DVRs can also connect with traditional SD analog cameras and all Hikvision Turbo HD cameras can access third party DVRs equipped with HDTVI technology from other manufacturers.

  • Provision AHD



    AHD Technology (Analog High Definition)

    The new AHD technology allows you to install HD cameras in 1080P quality over familiar analog infrastructures.


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